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Elevator Pitch Outline Dream slacks will help the New moms to-(Answered)


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I have to do Industrial Analysis and sales protections they are one page each so you will submit 2 page work for me. I attached the files first attachment is information about my company second attachment is the ?Industrial Analysis guide and example(my NAICS code should be 315240) and the third attached file is the sales protections sample for you to see. Just let you know my company is based on on-line business so to do the sales protections you should be base how many babies in the U. S. Basically i will be selling wearable baby blankets if you want to have an idea about the product i will be seeling pls see the website .?The Dream Bag : Welcome to The Dream Bag.

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Elevator Pitch







Dream slacks will help the New moms to have interrupted sleep thorough night.





The goal is to create a new product would end Current issues with the existing







Target is to reach out consumers who is looking for and alternatives to help them


sleep through without interruption.





Hypoallergenic products would suit every consumer.



Researchers found that those who suffered several interruptions throughout the


night had a 31 percent reduction in positive mood the next day, moreover, interrupted


sleep not only negatively affected mood and energy levels but also reduced levels of


friendliness and sympathy the day after. Dream slack is created to help infants and


toddlers to sleep through the night without waking up their mothers. Unlike blankets,


The Dream Slacks cannot be kicked off during the night so baby does not get cold and


wake up, Also Baby knows it?s naptime or bed time when placed in The Dream Slack. It


is made by materials include goose down which provides warmth without weight., and


cotton to give a comfort to the users.




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