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Food and Mankind Facts about Eating Disorders Azah is the most in-(Answered)


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Food and Mankind

Facts about Eating Disorders

Azah is the most in demand football player of his time. He always ensures he gets proper diet and exercise to keep him fit until one day; he got disappointed of their lost championship. He felt he was responsible for the loss that he began to change his attitude and his lifestyle.? He no longer goes to the gym regularly and despite his very good skills in football, the extra weight give him a hard time in winning goals.?

Out of frustrations, he deprived himself into proper diet and consumed less amount of food until he ended up to starvation. With this daily regimen, he was diagnosed with an eating disorder syndrome called ?anorexia nervosa? that keeps him struggling back to cope up his longtime dream of becoming a successful football player.


  1. In?the?case?above,?what?do?you?think?is?the?eating?disorder?suffered?by?Azah??Prove?your?answer.
  2. ?
  3. Differentiate?the?two?types?of?eating?disorders?and?discuss?at?least?three?possible?ways?for?him?to?overcome?his??disorder?
  4. ?If?you?were?a?media?personality?how?are?you?going?to?promote?nutrition?and?healthy?lifestyle?

please i want answer detached?


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