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Assignment Instructions Instructions: The final essay requires-(Answered)


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Assignment Instructions

Instructions: The final essay requires you to read 3 journal articles regarding current challenges, problems, issues, etc. within the retail industry. You must choose one of the three articles and answer the questions associated with the article you selected. You must provide solution(s) to assist in alleviating the current problem or issue as well as provide a real-world example in the essay. Therefore, you must use the concepts, terms, and knowledge gained throughout the course to effectively address the current problem from a practitioner?s perspective in the retail industry. Your final essay must include:

? Title page, introduction, conclusion, Reference page

? 5-8 pages (this does not include the title and reference page)

? Minimum of 5 references (one of which will be the article you choose to complete the essay)

The articles can be found in our online library.

Option 1:

Kumar, S., Anselmo, M.J., & Berndt, K.J. (2009). Transforming the retail industry: Potential and challenges with rfid technology. Transportation Journal, 48(4), p. 61.

The article discusses RFID technology within the retail industry as well as its unique challenges, problems, and issues. Read the article and answer the following questions.

Assignment Questions:

1. What are the challenges and issues facing RFID technology in the retail industry?

2. What do you see as solutions to these challenges and issues? Provide a real-world company or industry that will benefit from your solutions. Be specific.

Option 2:

Villarreal, B., Garcia, D. and Rosas, I. (2009). Eliminating transportation waste in food distribution: A case study. Transportation Journal, 48(4), p. 72.

The article discusses transportation waste in a food distribution company. Read the article. Then, choose a large retailer or distribution center you are familiar with in terms of their transportation processes. Describe their transportation network and answer the following questions.

Assignment Questions:

1. What are their levels of transportation waste? Describe in detail.

2. What do you see as solutions to remedy these transportation inefficiencies?

Option 3:

Li, X. and Olorunniwo, F. (2008). An exploration of reverse logistics practices in three companies. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, (13(5), pp. 381-386.

The article discusses the returns process in three different companies. A flow chart of a manufacturing facilities reverse logistics process is located on page 383. Read the article and review the flow chart. Then, answer the following questions.

Assignment Questions:

1. Does the reverse logistics process for a manufacturing company differ from a retail company?s reverse logistics process? Why? How?

2. What key factors or components do retail company?s need to consider in their reverse logistics process? Be specific. Provide a real-world r

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