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can anybody help with the continuation of this poem? 100 words.-(Answered)


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can anybody help with the continuation of this poem?

100 words.

I'll start it off I guess. I tried to go with a theme that everyone could relate to, so it's just a person grieving by a stormy coastline. I figured grief and water are both pretty universal. :) I like open-form, and I've always liked steam of consciousness writing, so that's what I did, but I imagine you guys will take it in different directions.?Selkies?are seal-beings in Irish mythology, by the way. I tried to incorporate alliteration and repetition, but focused mostly on the selkie symbology.?




They say the heartbeat

of the world is found

in sea-sounds, sea-shapes,

and as the salt-wind rips

ragged breath from

heaving chests, and

we long for fragments of hope in

mystic form, lonely

selkies gather soft fur,

slip quietly beneath the foam,

embraced by salty depths,

and in loving, are free.

Fierce tides crash, surging

rage against dark granite,

worn smooth with

ancient sorrows,

arms spread wide, scream

savage, throat-raw

let the beating

rain fill the hollow

places grief has carved?

souls are slippery things,

stolen away

like whispers, and

we hope they linger,

watching, with wet seal eyes

from the spume.

Waves calm down and I watch as she heaves


Eyes as blue as the sea, calm down my nerves


Curves outline her form drawing me to her waives


Trying to reach her as I am drawn to the sea



Thunder strikes...


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