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Business Ethics (MGT 610) Assignment# 1 Semester Spring 2016-(Answered)


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Business Ethics (MGT 610)

Assignment# 1 Semester Spring 2016

Assignment No. 01


MGT610- Business Ethics


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Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting the assignment:

?Assignment covers lesson no.01-09

?Last date for submission of solution 1 is 1-5-2016

?All instruction will be considered during checking assignment. So, consider all


?Use the standard format for preparing assignment. Use MS word 2003 or previous

version for your solution other format will not be accepted

?Give the answer according to question, no mark will be given for irrelevant


?Don?t rely only on handouts, use other reference books also.

?Mention the source which u are using for preparing your assignment.

?You are allowed to mention definitions, basic concepts in the language and words

which are mentioned or written in your source but the application of those concepts

must be in your language, in your own words, either you are using any reference

books or any other source.

?Avoid long paragraph.

?Use 12 point font in Times New Roman.

?Plagiarism will be strictly dealt. Try to explain concepts in your own words.

?Make sure that you upload the solution before due date. No assignment will be

accepted through E-mail after the due date.

?Cheating or copying of assignment is strictly prohibited; No credit will be given to

copied assignment.

Business Ethics (MGT 610)

Assignment# 1 Semester Spring 2016

Q1. Do organizations have a duty to take courses of action that benefit

society ? perhaps even going out of the way and decreasing profitability

in the process of resolving societal issues?

Assignment No 3






A person can have many addresses and an address can belong to many people



A physician is responsible for many patients, but a patient can only have one responsible...


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