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What are the terrestrial planets? Why are they called terrestrial-(Answered)


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  1. What?are?the?terrestrial?planets??Why?are?they?called?terrestrial?planets??Which?of?them?have?moons?
  2. What?is?the?planet?closest?to?the?Sun??Does?it?have?a?magnetic?field??How?large?is?it?in?comparison?to?other?planets??How?is?the?internal?structure?of?this?planet?similar?to?or?different?from?Earth?s?
  3. What?is?the?closest?planet?to?Earth??Why?is?it?called?a?sister?world?to?Earth??Is?this?an?accurate?statement??Why?or?why?not
  4. What is the terrestrial planet that is closest to the asteroid belt? What is the magnetic signature on this planet caused by? What is the nickname of this planet, and why is it called that? Describe 2 geographic features on this planet.?


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