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Topic: "Share a Coke" Campaign by Coca-Cola It is a essay-(Answered)


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Topic: ?Share a Coke? Campaign by Coca-Cola

It is a essay related to Marketing concept. You do NOT need to write about introductions and

conclusion part. It should be 200 words.

You need to write about ?Product Mix? for the topic??Share a Coke? Campaign by Coca-Cola

Product Mix is "the total group of products that an organization makes available to customers."

The product width is "the number of product lines the company offers." The product depth is "the

average number of different products in each product line." So for example for coca-cola

company the width could be Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Vitamin Water, Powerade, and Minute Maid

are to name a few. The depth for their coke product line would be Coke zero, diet coke, cherry

coke, caffeine-free coca cola, caffeine-free diet coca cola, diet coke with lime, diet coke with

Splenda, etc. The list is long. And you would do that for each of their main brands. Sprite would

be sprite, diet sprite, sprite zero, diet sprite zero, Sugar free sprite, etc. I would say for the

essay, you would probably not need to list everything, just the main brands and main products in

each brand.

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Product Mix- Coca-Cola


The product Mix of Coca Cola can be said to be the widest in the...


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