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Attached is a copy of study for my final exam 3 i need help with-(Answered)


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Attached is a copy of study for my final exam 3 i need help with the answers

ANT 202, Klein


Exam #3- Study Guide


? Textbook


Chapter 9 "Marriages and Families"


Chapter 10 "Kinship and Descent"


Chapter 11 "Gender in Comparative Perspective"


Chapter 16 ?Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict?


? Films, articles, radio segments


Evolution of Marriage (video)


?Where Fat is a Mark of Beauty? (Ann Simmons)


?How the Media Failed Women 2014?


Two radio segments on the Crimean Tatars (part of DBQ #9)


? Marriage & families (Chapter 9)


What are the four hypotheses that try to explain the universality of an




What is marriage? Why is marriage so hard to define cross culturally?


What are the main patterns of marriage exchange and the cultural


explanationsfor them?


What are the different post-marital residence patterns? What are some of


themajor influences on them?


? Kinship and descent (Chapter 10)


Why is kinship culturally constructed as opposed to biological?


What are the different ways of tracing descent (unilineal and nonunilineal)?


Be familiar with the symbols used to draw kin diagrams as well as the terms


fordescribing residence patterns, form of marriage, form of descent, etc.


? Gender (Chapter 11)


What is sex? What is gender? How are they different? Why do people


oftenthink of them as interchangeable? Does this happen in other cultures?


What is gender asymmetry?



What does it mean to say that gender is culturally constructed? How does


thechange in attitudes toward same-sex marriage in the US illustrate this?


How isgender constructed differently across cultures? Be able to give




What patterns exist in the sexual division of labor? What are the


possibleexplanations for why the sorting and distributing of tasks/jobs by


sex is acultural universal?


? Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict (Chapter 16)


What is an ethnic group?


What does it mean when anthropologists say that ethnicity is situational?


What are the ways of dealing with ethnic conflict? How effective are


theseoptions? (see p. 382 for a helpful Concept Review Box)


Why is ethnic conflict so prevalent today?


*Remember how we have emphasized how things like adaptation to the


environment,marriage, the incest taboo, economic exchange, kinship, etc.


are cultural universals becausethey exist in some form in all cultures. At the


same time, however, they are also culturalconstructions because they vary


dramatically from culture to culture.




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