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Consider each of the following scenarios and state whether the-(Answered)


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  • Consider?each?of?the?following?scenarios?and?state?whether?the?variable?in?question?is?a?confounder:
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  • A case-control study of the relationship between cigarette smoking and pancreatic cancer. In the study coffee drinking is associated with smoking and is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer among both smokers and nonsmokers. Is coffee drinking a confounder in the study?
  • A study of the relationship between contact lens use and the risk of eye ulcers. The crude relative risk is 3.0 and the age-adjusted relative risk is 1.5. Is age a confounder in this study??
  • A?study?of?the?relationship?between?exercise?and?heart?attacks?that?is?conducted?among?men?who?do?not?smoke.?Is?gender?a?confounder?in?this?study??
  • A?cohort?study?of?the?risk?of?liver?cirrhosis?among?female?alcoholics.?Incidence?rates?of?cirrhosis?among?alcoholic?women?are?compared?with?those?among?nonalcoholic?women.?Nonalcoholic?are?individually?matched?to?alcoholic?on?a?month?and?year?of?birth.?Is?age?a?confounder?in?this?study?


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