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Following is the result of SPSS on a multiple regression-(Answered)


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Hi Tutors,

Can you please help me on my statistic homework as attached?


Following is the result of SPSS on a multiple regression analysis, with the score in IT subject as the


dependent variable.



Based on the SPSS result, can you help me on below inquiries?


(1) What is the aim of the study?


(2) Identify the variables.


(3) Please identify if the overall model is significant.


(4) What is the coefficient of determination?


(5) What are the predictor variables that statistically significant?


(6) Find equation of the linear regression model


(7) If a student is male, his reading, math, science and social studies score is 65, 90, 80, and 55


respectively. What is the prediction of his score on IT subject?




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