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SQL Queries How many customers are currently in the database? How-(Answered)


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  • SQL?Queries

  • How many customers are currently in the database?
  • How many songs fall into each of the music genres?
  • List all attributes for artists currently living in Los Angeles.
  • Find the average number of songs purchased by customers.
  • For songs that belong to an album, list the album title, song name, and artist name.
  • What customers have purchased music? Be sure to list each customer one time.
  • List the customers over the age of 30 that have not ordered any music yet.
  • Output a list of Song Names that are priced above the average of all other songs.
  • What songs do not belong to an album?
  • List all song purchases where the Artist of the song is from the same City as the Customer who purchased the song.


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