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Mgt. 221 Final Examination Please read the Red Jett Sweets-(Answered)


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? Mgt. 221 Final Examination

Please read the Red Jett Sweets Business Plan, Appendix B, pages 248 - 270 in the Katz & Green textbook. Please answer the following questions using the essay format and support your answers with concepts covered in the text and other course materials.

1. In Part 1, The Company, Red Jett Sweets lists six ?Ingredients for Success? (p. 251). For each ingredient, designate it as either a cost benefit or as a value benefit and discuss your reason for your designation s . Support your answer with concepts from the text covering value and cost benefits.

2. Figure 7.3 on page 198 depicts ?the industry life cycle.? Using this figure, indicate where on this continuum you would place the ?mobile food industry? and discuss at least two reasons for your placement.

3. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Red Jett?s proposed ?Target Markets.? Please recommend at least one additional target market and provide reasons for your recommendation.

4. List and discuss at least three ways in which Red Jett Sweets plans to differentiate its product and services from those of its competitors.

5. Discuss how Ms. Mayer and Ms. Gamez?s experiences and competencies complement one another in terms of their ability to startup and successfully operate Red Jett Sweets.

6. Red Jett plans to organize its business legally as a ?subchapter S corporation.? Recommend at least one other form of legal business formation and discuss at least two reasons underlying your recommendation.

7. Table 13.7 on page 439 presents the ?overhead budget? for Red Jett Sweets. Is Red Jett Sweet?s overhead a fixed cost, variable cost, or some other type of cost? Discuss at least two ways that this overhead may be managed to increase Red Jett Sweets? net income before depreciation, interest and income tax as depicted in Table 13.8.

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