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I am in need of help with a research paper - Country is Ecuador-(Answered)


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I am in need of help with a research paper - Country is Ecuador

Environment, Crime, Disease & Population Issues Research GridOverview

In this part, you will be creating a research grid that addresses issues of environment, crime, disease, and over- (or under-) population. These issues become tremendously important to consider in the context of increasing globalization of the world. An example would be the resource of water, which some are calling the "next oil." The grid is designed to help you organize your work so that it can be easily used to produce the poster which is the final part of the entire project.

There are many online database resources available from the?Franklin University Nationwide Library. An additional resource is the?Global Issues page?at the library website, created specifically for students in the Global Issues course. These resources, which include articles, books, magazines, and journals, are available wherever you have an Internet connection, and are guaranteed to be reliable and accurate. Do not rely on Google or Wikipedia or other online encyclopedia for research papers. Click on this?video?to view a tutorial on searching the Franklin University Library databases.

The purpose of this part is to assess your ability to:

  • Examine the effects of globalization on issues of the environment, crime, disease, and population;
  • Investigate issues of environment, crime, disease, and population of a given country;
  • Synthesize the environmental, crime, disease, and population issues of a given country;
  • Critique?how?the?environmental,?crime,?disease,?and?population?issues?have?affected?the?development?and?economy?of?the?country.
Action Items
Part Three: Issues Grid



Selected Country: ______________________________














Birth Rate


Infant Mortality


Life Expectancy






This can include any form of pollution or


issues stemming from global warming.






Human trafficking is one form of crime.


Another is the use and distribution of illegal





Analysis of Situation



Evaluation and Solutions









Ebola is an example, but there are many other


kinds of disease that can affect a nation?s


economy and the well-being of its people.



References Used







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