Use the Internet to locate at least two (2) adver">

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"Fallacies and Errors in Sound Reasoning" Please respond to the-(Answered)


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"Fallacies and Errors in Sound Reasoning" ?Please respond to the following:

Use the Internet to locate at least two (2) advertisements that exhibit any of the following fallacies: equivocation, false authority, ad hominem, appeal to ignorance, or bandwagon. Post the videos in the discussion. Next, identify the fallacy used in the selected advertisements, discuss the primary reasons why you believe that the advertisers have used the fallacy in question, and examine whether or not their use of this type of fallacy is effective.

From part 1 of this discussion, consider alternate strategies that the advertisers could have used in order to develop a more sound and persuasive argument. Explain the main reasons why you believe consumers ignore these errors in reasoning.

Fallacy of Ignorance


Contentions that speak to lack of awareness depend simply on the way that the veracity


of the suggestion is not disproven to touch base at an unmistakable conclusion. These...


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