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1. What aspects of organizational culture impact sustainable-(Answered)


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1. What aspects of organizational culture impact sustainable change (Step 7,Don?t Let Up)? What are some strategies to institutionalize to ensure theorganization does not go back to the old way? Refer to the strategies used inthe stories shared in Step 7 of Kotter?s book.2. You are a consultant called in to provide recommendations to the CEO of XYZCorporation. A change effort has been underway for one year. The CEOobserves that some of the managers in the company are losing enthusiasm forthe change effort. They think they are successful because they've achievedsome short-term gains. They seem to have a business as usual approach andhave lost their sight on the long-term gains. What recommendations would youmake to the CEO?3. What are the key concepts you can take from Kanter's message and apply toyour life both personal and professional? Review Kanter's Message Here andReview Kanter in Conversation Here.


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