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(4.1 ARENA) Travelers arrive at the main entrance door of an-(Answered)


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(4.1 ARENA) Travelers arrive at the main entrance door of an airline terminal according to an?

exponential interarrival-time distribution with mean 1.6 minutes, with the first?

arrival at time 0. The travel time from the entrance to the check-in is?

distributed uniformly between 2 and 3 minutes. At the check-in counter,?

travelers wait in a single line until one of five agents is available to serve them.?

The check-in time (in minutes) follows a uniform distribution with parameters?

7.76 and 3.91. Upon completion of their check-in, they are free to travel?

to their gates. Create a simulation model of this system. Run the simulation for?

16 hours to determine the average time in system, number of passengers?

completing check-in, and the average length of the check-in queue.


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