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Do the health benefits of alcohol consumption depend on the type-(Answered)


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Do the health benefits of alcohol consumption depend on the type of alcohol and the amount consumed? The Harvard School of Public Health reviewed studies investigating the relation between alcohol consumption and health. One study investigated whether different types of alcoholic beverage lead to different health outcomes. Based on self-report measures, the researchers classified a sample of participants who were over the age of 30 as either moderate drinkers (1 or 2 drinks per day) or heavy drinkers (more than 2 drinks per day). The researchers also classified participants by type of alcoholic beverage typically consumed (beer, white wine, red wine, or hard liquor). The researchers then measured participants' cardiovascular health. Regardless of the type of alcoholic beverage typically consumed, participants who were moderate drinkers had, on average, better cardiovascular health than participants who were heavy drinkers.

(a) ? ? Identify the independent variables and the level of each independent variable.

(b) ? ? What is the dependent variable?

(c) ? ? What kind of ANOVA would be used to analyze these data?

(d) ? ? Draw a table depicting the cells of the study.

(e) ? ? Interpret the results of the study. What were the significant main effects or interactions? What additional analyses would be needed to specify results in detail?


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