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(Table: Subsequent Memory) In an investigation of encoding-(Answered)


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(Table: Subsequent Memory) In an investigation of encoding conditions on subsequent memory for a list of words, Luo, Hendricks, and Craik (2007) assigned participants to one of three encoding conditions. Participants either saw a list of nouns that they were to remember (word condition), or they saw the words accompanied by pictures of the objects (picture condition), or they saw the words and heard sound effects matching the objects (sound-effects condition). The researchers measured the proportion of words participants remembered correctly in a later recognition test. The fictional data in the following table produce results similar to those of the original study. Use these data to perform the six steps of hypothesis testing.

Table: Subsequent Memory
Word Alone Word + Picture Word + Sound Effect
0.43 0.78 0.88
0.62 0.63 0.83
0.50 0.75 0.75
0.61 0.60


Given that:



Null hypothesis,



H 0 : 1 2 3


Alternative hypothesis,


At least one mean is different from others.


H1 :


Level of significance,


0.05 Assume


Test statistic: ANOVA One way...


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