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I need help doing equations and graphs for 4,7,8,9 and 10-(Answered)


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I?need help doing equations and graphs for 4,7,8,9 and 10

Graphing Portfolio



MATH 2422: Calculus I



Spring 2016



The purpose of the portfolio is to encourage the student to become familiar with graphs and graphing concepts.


The portfolio consists of two parts: required graphs and creative graphs. Each student must do his/her own


work. Graphs completed in the text, in class, or for homework may not be included in the portfolio. The


portfolio, which accounts for 15% of the course grade, will be graded on the basis of correctness,


completeness, and creativity. Each graph submitted should be on a separate page, should be appropriately


labeled, and should include an explanation of how the graph addresses the requirement. Each complete


portfolio should be submitted secured in a folder. The portfolio is due on or before April _______. Late work


will not be accepted.


Part I: The following graphs are specifically required for the portfolio:











Graph any function for which the limit as x approaches 2 is 5.


Graph any function for which the limit as x approaches 8 is infinity.


Graph any function which has a limit as x approaches 12 but is not continuous there.


Draw 2 secant lines and the tangent line to a curve of your choice at a fixed point. Describe how this shows


that the slopes of the secant lines approach the slope of the tangent line.


5. Graph any function that has 2 critical points but no global maximum or minimum.


6. Graph any function that has 3 inflection points.


7. Graph any function illustrating the use of Newton?s Method for finding a zero, including 3 iterations for the


value of r.


8. Graph a region bounded by 2 or more curves and use an integral to calculate its area.


9. Estimate the area under a curve using the trapezoid method.


10. Estimate the area under a curve using Simpson?s method.


Part II: Creative Graphs


Each student must create 3 creative, pictorial graphs representing a theme of his/her choice. Each graph must


include the equation and domain of the functions that constitute each portion of each graph. You may color or


embellish your graphs in any way you choose, including prose or other descriptions of your theme. You may


use a graphing utility to create the graphs, if you choose, but you may not copy them, in whole or in part, from


any source.




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