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Most industries (e.g., steel, sugar, or automobiles) organize one-(Answered)


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Most industries (e.g., steel, sugar, or automobiles) organize one or more trade associations to lobby Congress on matters of regulatory, trade, and tax policy, among many others. For each of the following situations, describe the likelihood of successful organization for lobbying on policies favorable to that industry, the fruits of which are enjoyed by all individuals in the industry whether they contribute or not. If there is a clear answer, explain the thinking behind that prediction.

  1. a) ?One industry has a large number of small firms producing while another has only a few very large firms.?
  2. b) ?Both industries have a medium number of firms, but in one, successful lobbying will require nearly universal support of the lobbying effort, while in another, successful lobbying will require only about 50 percent of firms to contribute.
  3. c) ?All firms within an industry agree on policy priorities, while in a second industry there is considerable disagreement over targets for lobbying efforts.
  4. d) ?One industry contains firms of relatively equal size, while another industry contains a few very large firms (whose contributions to lobbying are proportionally efficacious) and a large number of small firms.


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