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Please answer the following questions: 1. While growing his tech-(Answered)


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Please answer the following questions:

1.?While growing his tech startup, Jerry?s team explores potential areas for growth within the market. Jerry is engaging in which of the following ?sights? of corporate theory?

a) ?Insight

b) ?Cross-sight

c) ?Hindsight

d) ?Foresight

2.?Charlotte is a principal at a high school, trying to influence teachers to abandon traditional methods of teaching and instead use hands-on, experiential exercises. Which of the following outcomes would Charlotte ideally hope to see from the teachers?

a) ?Modeling

b) ?Resistance

c) ?Commitment

d) ?Compliance

3.?When his team is together, Scott tends to ask strategic questions, making sure everyone has the knowledge and tools they need in order to implement the strategy. Scott fits which of the strategy archetypes?

a) ?Architect

b) ?Visionary

c) ?Surveyor

d) ?Mobilizer

4.?When convincing his team to adopt a new software, Gauge describes how adopting the new software corresponds with the company?s mission to deliver products as efficiently as possible. Gauge is using which of the following influence tactics?

a) ?Legitimizing

b) ?Alignment

c) ?Persuasion

d) ?Leveraging charisma

5.?In order to create a new department, Maggie sought buy-in from individuals who were seen as leaders among their peers, getting them to vocalize support for the department. Maggie engaged in what sort of power building?

a) ?Networking

b) ?Education

c) ?Reciprocity

d) ?Building a coalition

6.?Which of the following is NOT an action associated with strategic leadership?

a) ?Imagining and anticipating the future
b) ?Keeping everyone focused by ignoring criticism of the strategy

c) ?Working with others to realize the future

d) ?Remaining open-minded to changing course as needed

7.?Tom prefers having his role and the roles of his peers clearly defined, and he is most comfortable when he understands exactly what he needs to do in order to advance. Tom?s perspective is most aligned with which of the following frames of reference?

a) ?Structural

b) ?Human resource

c) ?Political

d) ?Symbolic

8.?A strong vision statement should include all of the following EXCEPT:

a) ?clear, compelling language.

b) ?an idealistic, unrealistic end goal.

c) ?an attainable outcome.

d) ?a picture of something substantially different from the current state.

9.?When Joe joined the team, he found the team?s old paper system to be very cumbersome. People became irate when he suggested that they switch to a digital system. Some members of the team even refused to speak to Joe for months, and one tried to suggest that he was unqualified for the position. This is an example of which of the following types of conflict?

a) ?Dysfunctional task conflict

b) ?Functional task conflict

c) ?Functional relationship conflict

d) ?Dysfunctional relationship conflict

10.?Which of the following is TRUE regarding firm size and strategy development?

a) ?The larger the firm, the more complex the business strategy.

b) ?The smaller the firm, the more important it is to engage in strategy development.

c) ?The larger the firm, the easier it is to make the strategy visible to all employees.

d) ?The larger the firm, the more simple the business strategy



1. While growing his tech start-up, Jerry?s team explores potential areas for growth within the


market. Jerry is engaging in which of the following ?sights? of corporate theory?


a) Insight




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