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1. Reading Comprehension refers to: (Points : 1) how fast you-(Answered)


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1. Reading Comprehension refers to: (Points : 1)

how fast you read an article or book
whether the writing is well-developed and clear
how well the reader is able to understand the writer's main point and how supporting ideas are related to that main point.
how well the author is able to establish a clear thesis and develop that thesis with supporting information, evidence, and reason.

Question 2.2. Which of the following is a PRE-READING activity designed to help build reading comprehension? (Points : 1) C, B

summarizing the author's supporting details
paraphrasing the ideas within the document
looking for the thesis
identifying the publisher and asking questions about who the audience might be

Question 3.3. Which of the following activities will help you to better understand a complex, difficult to understand document? (Points : 1)

rereading the document over and over again, hoping that the meaning will become clearer
looking up the definition of any words you do not understand and applying context clues
reading another article on the same topic
highlighting interesting passages

Question 4.4. What is the specific main point of the following passage?

The city of Athens has proposed the building of a new city park that features the statues of 3 civil-rights activists. The park will also include a children's petting zoo and an education facility as well. According to the planners, the budget for the park is $55 million and the completion is slated for early 2017. Teacher and firemen salaries have been reduced by 5 percent over the last 2 years, so this calls into question whether the city can afford this new expenditure. Furthermore, the current park can be renovated for less than $7 million and still serve the proposed purpose of the new park.
(Points : 1)

to inform the reader of the proposal to build a new city park
to explain why the plan should be supported
to describe the benefits of supporting local artists who will be creating the statues
to persuade citizens to not support the proposal

Question 5.5. Use CONTEXT CLUES to determine the meaning of the underlined word in this passage:

The union members were so despondent over recent government laws restricting the powers of unions that they all felt that they should no longer fight for union rights. (Points : 1)

helplessly sad


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