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Running head: OC 6443 FINAL EXAM 1 OC 6443: Change Leadership-(Answered)


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Case study?

Students will answer the questions using their own books, notes and intellectual resources (use of Internet material is allowed).?

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Running head: OC 6443 FINAL EXAM






OC 6443: Change Leadership Methods and Models


Final Examination (REVISED)


Hawaii Pacific University


Spring 2016








OC 6443 A Final Examination





As this is a final examination, the intent is to give each student the opportunity to


demonstrate mastery of the core competencies of the course. You are permitted to use your


books, notes, previous assignments and papers; however, you may not ?cut-and-paste? from


other files.


Your answers do not need follow APA format guidelines but they must be organized, well


written and contain no spelling or grammar errors. The narrative portion of the answer to the


question should not exceed twenty five double-spaced pages. All sources should be appropriately


cited and direct quotes properly indicated. Make sure that you support or ground all of your


responses in the literature; in other words, make sure you use the various frameworks we have


studied this semester to describe your responses. For example, when discussing a change process


you should describe the issues related to leading change using Hickman?s framework for leading


change. This is how you demonstrate your understanding of the topics and how they relate to the


current knowledge concerning the topics. A reference list should be included after the final page


of your answer.


Your answers should be stored in an MS Word file named using your last name +


?finalOC6443.doc? (e.g. rossifinalOC6443.doc) and uploaded to the Final Exam tab on the


course Blackboard site.


Question (100 points)


The state of Hawai`i has been struggling with the idea of sovereignty for Native


Hawai`ians for a number of years. Early this year, elected representatives of people of Hawai`ian


ancestry met in an aha (convention) to try to craft a Native Hawai`ian constitution. They were









successful and drafted not only the ?Constitution of the Native Hawaiian Nation? but also a


?Declaration of Sovereignty that recounts the history of Native people since contact with


Western civilization?. Although the aha was successful in achieving its goals there has still been


a great deal of dissention among Native Hawai`ians concerning the outcome. Many felt that the


aha produced a document that was in line with the Obama administration?s desires for Native


Hawai`ian recognition and desired a document that was more focused on sovereignty and a racebased Hawai`ian nation, Many Native Hawai`ians felt that the race-based nation would be


counter to Hawai`ian values but others felt the document drafted would move the Native


Hawai`ians toward something similar to the situation as Native American tribes (see . Recently, a televised special presented two former


governors of Hawai`i, Ben Cayatano and John Waihe`e who debated both sides of the


sovereignty question, one being for and all it would do for Native Hawai`ians and one being


against for all it would do to Hawai`i and the aloha spirit (this debate can be found at


You have been contacted by representatives of all sides and asked to develop a plan that


would bring all sides together for a focused, single view and approach to the sovereignty


question. Your task here will be to develop a process (a model, plan, etc.) to accomplish this task.


You are to use both change process models (Hickman, etc.) and change leadership models (again,


Hickman, etc.). Your plan must be excruciatingly detailed that describes what you recommend


(following the model(s) you choose), who would/should be the major players and stakeholders


(you can research the actual key players or identify them by type or person or position). In other


words, your plan will describe a detailed process for creating this change of perception and









position and a detailed description of the leadership actions you will coach the key players in


following with a goal of uniting the Hawai`ian people in their quest for sovereignty (something


that has eluded the Native Hawai`ians for years).. Finally, you will support/ground your plans


with the literature framework or frameworks you choose to use. Finally, you will develop a


series of scenarios that would be used in the settling of the dispute. Again, these will focus on


process more than content.




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