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hi, i meet some problem about my homework, who can help me,-(Answered)


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hi, i meet some problem about my homework, who can help me, please? Thank you?

1. Catherine decided to compare the color distribution of M&Ms in randomly chosen bags of M&Ms to thetheoretical distribution reported by M&M/ MARS consumer affairs. Below is the theoretical distributionreported on their website: Color Percentage Brown 30% Yellow 20% Red 20% Orange 10% Green 10%Blue 10%Catherine went to three different stores and bought three large bags of M&Ms (treat this as a randomsample of M&Ms). She dumped them into a large bowl and counted the number of each color. In total sheobserved a random sample of 509 M&Ms. The number observed of each color was distributed as follows:Color Frequency Brown 150 Yellow 114 Red 106 Orange 53 Green 43 Blue 43Do the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that the color distribution of M&Ms differs from thatreported by M&M/ MARS consumer affairs? Assume an alpha level of .01. (8 points)

2. The issue of how much the U.S. should spend to solve particular social problems is a complex matter,and people have diverse and conflicting ideas on these issues. The following table ?Soc 510: ElementaryStatistics and Data Analysis? contains information from the 2006 GSS about race and attitudes on socialwelfare spending. Respondents were asked whether the U.S. is spending too much, too little, or the rightamount of money to address welfare. Is this sufficient evidence that there a relationship between race andattitudes towards spending on social welfare? Use alpha=.05. (8 points)


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