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Need help completing this HW assignment. (1) Europa Europa has 2-(Answered)


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Need help completing this HW assignment.?

(1) Europa?

Europa has 2 characteristic properties:

(i) Europa is a bright satellite with a highly reflective surface, and
(ii) Europa has virtually no impact craters visible on its surface.

(2 pts.) (a) Give an explanation for each property.

(2 pts.) (b) How are these two properties related?

(2 pts.) (c) Approximately how old is Europa?

(2) Regular vs. Irregular

(2 pts.) (a) Give 3 properties of a regular satellite:?
(1 pt.) (b) Provide an example of a regular satellite:?
(1 pt.) (c) Provide an example of an irregular satellite:?
(2 pts.) (d) What is inferred about the origin of a satellite from the regularity/irregularity of its orbit??
(3 pts.) (e) Suppose we find a moon orbiting around a planet at a distance of 100,000 km, and a student says: "Perhaps this moon was originally an asteroid orbiting the Sun, and it just happened to drift close to the planet until it as only 100,000 km away from it, where it was caught by the planet's gravity, and it has been orbiting here ever since." Using the law of conservation of energy, explain why this scenario is physically impossible, and why a capture process must be more complicated than this.? Please ignore the effect of the Sun's graity in your analysis.? It is irrelevant.

(3) Atmosphere of Titan

(2 pts.) (a) Describe the atmosphere of Titan.?
(2 pts.) (b) What do we know about the surface of Titan??
(2 pts.) (c) Do a quick search around the web and answer: What are some of the most interesting things that the Cassini-Huygens mission has revealed about Titan?

(4) Making a Model of Planetary Rings

(3 pts.) (a) The rings of Saturn are about 70,000 kilometers across but only 20meters thick. Suppose you wanted to build a model of Saturn's rings out of a sheet of plastic that is 2 mm thick. To keep the proportions right, how large a sheet of plastic would you need to make the scale model realistic? Show your work.?
(3 pts.) (b) To model Uranus' thin rings, strings of spaghetti (or perhaps, strictly speaking, linguini) would be more appropriate than sheets of plastic.? Uranus' rings are also only about 20 meters thick and extend around the planet in a thin ring at a radius of about 50,000 km. If you wanted to build a model of Uranus' ring using 2mm thick pasta - how long a piece of spaghetti would you need? Show your work.

(5) Ring Particle Collisions

(2 pts.) (a) Each little lump of ice in the densest part of Saturn's rings collides with another ring particle every 5 hours. If ring particles survived for the age of the solar system, how many collisions would it undergo??
(2 pts.) (b) Given your answer in (a) above, explain why this means rings have been formed very recently.

(6) Distances and Velocities

(3 pts.) (a) A space probe is 22 AU from the Earth.? How much time will it take its radio signals to travel through space to reach us?? Give your answer in hours.

(3 pts.) (b) If it takes 20.5 hours for light from a Kuiper Belt Object to reach us, what is its distance?? Give your answer in AU.

(3 pts.) (c) A space probe is launched on a mission requiring it to travel a distance of 2.5 AU in 9 months.? What must be this space probe's average speed?? Give your answer in kilometers per second.


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