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Using the reading "from the loss of creature" respond to two-(Answered)


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Using the reading "from the loss of creature" respond to two posts of your classmates in posts of 100 words each.

Classmate 1


In Percy Walker's essay 'Loss of the Creature,' he states that those who learn through an


institution and those who learn more organically are completely different. Those who learn more


organically tend to retain the actual 'lesson' more, while those who learn through a teacher and


formats are, according to Walker, going to remember the setting more than the content. He uses


the example of an islander walking on a beach, and happening upon a dead dogfish compared to


a student happening upon the same thing except in a labratory. He states plainly that, 'A student


who has the desire to get at a dogfish or a Shakespeare sonnet may have the greatest difficulty in


salvaging the creature itself from the educational package in which it is presented.'


Percy then says that those who learn Shakespeare in a classroom may not get the full meaning of


the work because of the barriers of teachers, formats, the room, etc. Being able to remember


simply the content of the lesson and the meaning behind it is easier when done in a non-formal


way. I think the author's argument is valid for some and not others. There are people who learn


best in a more organized, structured way, in which a school institution serves well. Yet, many


people are more prone to get distracted and may have to 'peel off the layers,' as Walker says, in


order to get to the meat of the lesson.


I think it all depends on the person and how they function. Institutions are great, but being able to


be curious and learn in a more organic way (like the man on the beach) is also an important skill


to have.



Classmate 2


Walker Percy does not present any evidence to support his argument. The validity of his


argument is hard to discern. I agreed with his argument and I found it valid. His description of


the consumer and packaging is on point. As pupils they are experiencing what is set before them


as an assignment. They are consuming the package as directed by an educator. The islander and


the citizen are experiencing the dogfish and Shakespeare sonnet as an act of exploration. Percy


speaks of the sovereignty or power of the knower instead of being a consumer of a prepared


experience. The prepared version would set before you exactly how you should complete the


exploration and what you will find at the end. Instead it is better to be the wanderer and


experience at will.




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