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hi , i need solution for question 3 only and need urgently-(Answered)


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hi , i?need?solution for question 3 only and need urgently

Question 1


Determine the differential voltage gain (vo/(vi1-vi2)) of the circuit shown in Figure 1.




K?n (W/L)= K?p (W/L)= 4 mA/V2 , |Vt|=1.5 V


VDD=10 V, V1=7.8V, V2=7.5 V, ?1=?2=0.01 V-1, I1=5 mA



Figure 1.



Question 2


The circuit shown in Figure 2 has the following parameters:


IREF= 50 ?A, -VEE=-5 V, ?=125 and VA=40 V.




a) The output current of the circuits based on n=1


b) Repeat part (a) for n=3.


c) What is the current source voltage (VCS) for n=3?


d) What is the minimum value of VEE?



Figure 2.



Question 3


Use the Open-circuit time-constant technique and derive an expression for the fH of the


circuit shown in Figure 3.



Figure 3.




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