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Dr. T. Cassidy, E151 Sections 26 and 20 Your poetry research-(Answered)


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please find attached the docs required for the paper. CANNOT BE PLAGIARIZED. its gonna be run on the software to determine plagiarism and work should be cited properly using the MLA format. thanks

Dr. T. Cassidy, E151 Sections 26 and 20


Your poetry research paper will be due March 18. It will use a minimum of three outside


sources, correctly cited, using the MLA style of citation, and the length will be between


800 and 1400 words





Be in Times New Roman 12 point with one inch margins


State a thesis.


Explore three poems by the same author. (If the poems are very long, two


might be acceptable).


Explore a thematic connection. That doesn?t mean that is all you will explore.


You can also analyze the author?s art.


Correctly cite three sources. Wikipedia, paper sites (?123papers?), and other


tertiary sites are not acceptable.




Use google scholar ( and the


resources especially academic one source




Organize this as three small mini papers, each about two or three paragraphs


in length, with one overall introduction and conclusion.


Note: Your thesis and conclusion might change from the proposal before the final


paper is due; that?s common. If you change topics, however, write another proposa.



USE the MLA Format for papers (as below).





Page 1


Your Name


Dr. T. Cassidy


E15118 March 2016




The paragraph begins five spaces or one tab indent in from the margin. Then


subsequent lines of the same paragraph are flush with the margin.



Page 2


Works Cited


Author. ?Title.? Source . Date of article. Web ( or print). Date of access.




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