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Identify a sociological topic of interest to you. Imagine you-(Answered)


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Identify a sociological topic of interest to you.?

Imagine you were assigned to conduct a qualitative research study.? What type of research would you do?? For this discussion board, develop a qualitative research study.? Select a topic or group you would study and briefly how you would conduct your study?? What type of role would you take as a researcher: a completed observer, a participant as observer, or a covert participant?? Why would you take this role?? What problems might you incur when conducting your study?? What would be at least one strength of your study?


Babbie, E.? (2011) The Basics of Social Research (5th ed). Belmont: Wadsworth.



Study topic/group: The challenges of the elderly people living in the nursing homes and how


they are addressing them.


The research shall be conducted in a nursing home where the elderly are...


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