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all of these question must be done on excel need them ASAP. its 8-(Answered)


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all of these question must be done on excel need them ASAP. its 8 pm here if you can do it before 9pm i will give you 150 if not i'll take down my question

Compound interest is given as ???? = ???? (1 + ????)???? where A is the amount (future value) at the endof n periods, P is the principal (present value), i is the interest rate per compounding period, andn is the number of compounding periods.A newborn child receives a $20,000 gift toward college from her grandparents. If the money isinvested at 7% compounded quarterly, create a macro to find the future value in 17 years byusing the equation given above. Name the macro CAFV (Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + v).Create a second macro to find the total interest that will be paid over 17 years. Name themacro CINT (Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + t).Use CAFV and CINT to find the future value and the total interest for 19 years, 21 years, 23years, and 25 years. Your solution should clearly show the macros.

4. The equation ???? = (???? ? 32) ?59+ 273.15 coverts the temperature from ? (Fahrenheit) to K(Kelvin) and vice versa. Write a function degF() that will convert temperature from K to ?. Useyour function to convert 233.15, 273.15, 288.70, and 310.93 to?. Your solution should clearlyshow the function..

5. Integrate ? ???????????????? ???????? ????0using trapezoids. Divide [0, ????] into 16 subintervals. Give the answercorrect up to six decimal places.


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