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Hello Alandra I am in need of review APA, Grammar, references and-(Answered)


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Hello Alandra I am in need of review APA, Grammar, references and flow, run on sentences etc its only about 250 words ?

Walt Disney has been a leader in American animation for the past 90 years with a 2015


Market cap of $179.5 Billion dollars (Forbes, 2016). In your paper Terrence you talked about


critical success factors additional factors that has led to Walt Disney success are they provide a


promise not a service, pursue passion and money will follow, always exceed customer?s


expectation. And they leave behind something to grow. (Hill, 2016) In your analysis of critical


success factor Disney has maintained their competitive edge with the purchase of Lucas films


which produced Star Wars episode 7 the highest grossing film in North American and the 3rd


highest grossing film of all time with a Box office revenue to date of $2.066 billion dollars


(Wikipedia, Star Wars, 2016). Disney has had to increase its operating budget however this


minor loss will be covered by the additional move to project the company?s future financial


earning power when they accruing Marvel Entertainment in 2009. Marvel Entertainment has 13


movies schedule to be released including the Avengers trilogy by 2020, which should increase


the company?s revenue and cover any future losses. Disney has invested into various projects


owning portions of the popular entertainment forums like Hulu, A& E network, ABC Family and


ESPN Inc. (Wikipedia, Disney,2016) Disney?s ability to adapt for almost a century makes them a


safe investment with minimal risk, any company that has been able to adjust as they have shown


investors they possess what it takes to make good long term financial decisions.





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