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All of the following statements are true, except: 1)The buzzword-(Answered)


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All of the following statements are true, except:

1)The buzzword in CRM which means the grouping of customers into categories based on key characteristics is target marketing. 2)If a check of the inventory master data shows that the goods requested on a customer order are not in stock, an exception routine called a(n) back order process is initiated. 3)Customer acknowledgements are sent to customers to notify them that their orders have been accepted and to inform them of the expected shipping date. 4)A(n) picking ticket authorizes the warehouse to remove goods from the warehouse and send them to the shipping department. 5)In the OE/S process, the one input that creates the six outputs of general ledger inventory sales update, sales order notification, bill of lading, completed packing slip, shipping's billing notification, and customer acknowledgement is the customer order


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