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The topic must deal with something in the computer field. It may-(Answered)


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The topic must deal with something in the computer field. It may not be about a person, company, or a history of something (the internet, a company, a computer.

It may be about what the person or company have done or are doing, a comparison of two or more items, a discussion of the uses, disadvantages, and/or benefits of some type of technology. How technology is used and is of a benefit in some field of interest.

It must be between a full 3 pages (minimum) and 4 pages (excluding references), single spaced, size 12 font. The paper will have 1? margins. Use MLA format except for the line spacing.

Use MLA style to format the references. See style sheets on the internet. Also add a link to each specific source in the list of sources.?

Use a minimum of four (4) references. At least 4 references MUST be from internet/world wide web sources that are not subscription sites. All references must be available to anyone (not member exclusive sites). List the specific article not just the home page of the site.

Running Head: Service request (SR-rm-022)


Service request (SR-rm-022)










Service request (SR-rm-022)








The document is written acting as a reply to the Riordan...


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